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Who is the new Madelyn Jewell? asked me someone, someday 🙂. I was like ummmmm… ok…here is my long story short.

I am a mom of two wonderful boys {Anthony of 8 years young and Alex of 9 months young} a wife and a dreamer. My entire life I was a lean person with healthy eating habits and with a positive attitude. But my second pregnancy was about to change that. In my 3rd trimester I got high blood pressure for most of the days and I had to go twice/week at the hospital for regular checking. I had mood swings because of the pregnancy hormones and the stress, I gained 23 kg and moving around wasn’t fun, I could not sleep at nights— as a general note, my life wasn’t the easiest for sure. After I gave birth to baby Alex, I knew I have to do something to get back at life the girl I used to be, especially when I started to fall into post partum depression and had lots of anxiety moments. With two kids, countless sleepless nights and a busy life I did not have time or the energy to go to the gym. I needed something that I could do in the comfort of my own home.  That’s when I decided to join beachbody and without even knowing at first, I started building my new healthy life and living with passion my dream. At first I joined an online fitness challenge group and after completing the first round of the chosen fitness program and followed the nutrition plan I felt SO much better! My mood improved significantly, I had lots of energy and just felt overal happier! It felt so good that I decided to pay it forward and become an independent beachbody coach so I can share with others the great benefits of these challenge group. Its not about just a fitness program or about a natural healthy shake. Its about the whole package you are getting: 45 fitness programs to choose from, an amazingly healthy shake made from real food, meal plans, nutrition tips, support, motivation, accountability, a network full of people just like you and me as your coach. I am offering free coaching services for those who want to stay healthy by following a fitness program and proper nutrition. I am running a 30 days online fitness challenge group each month that offers motivation, support, accountability and healthy tips for a fullfiling life. If you want to join me, please fill out the application: https://thefitmom.ca/workout-with-me/

I would love to have you in my team! Love, Madelyn

Who am I

Wifey & Mama x 2

Holistic & Naturopathic Believer

Wellness Warrior

Free Spirit

Positive Energy


Fitness & Wellness Coach

Contact me: madelyn.jewell [at ] thefitmom.ca


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