I’m so excited for you to get started! Below you’ll find lots of tips to help you get started as well as important info regarding your order. Feel free to reach out with any questions! 



1) Log into or download the Beachbody OnDemand App on your iPhone or Android device

2) If you are starting a workout program, click on Workouts at the top of the page. Once you choose your program, click on Program Materials to view how to get started as well as access the Nutrition Guide or Eating Plan. After you’ve viewed your program’s workout calendar,, simply click on Workout List to press play on your workout! Not sure which program to start with? Let’s chat about your goals and I’ll help you pick a program!

3) If you are starting a Nutrition Program like the 2B Mindset or the Ultimate Portion Fix, click on NUTRITION at the top of the page. From there, you should see your purchased program and you can get started right away!

WHY DRINK IT There are so many benefits to drinking Shakeology from helping to lose weight, stay fuller longer, gain energy, reduce sugar and junk food cravings, and fill your body with nearly 70 super foods, protein, pre- and probiotics, adaptogens and more. Shakeology is also all natural, gluten-free, soy-free, contains no artificial ingredients or sweeteners. Our vegan options are dairy-free as well. Using Shakeology daily along with your exercise program and eating plan is designed to help give you optimal results!
WHEN TO DRINK IT Shakeology is considered a meal replacement but you can have it for any one of your meals or snacks throughout the day!  I prefer mine for breakfast first thing in the morning to start my day, but you can have it for any these meals (breakfast, AM snack, lunch, PM snack, or dinner).
HOW TO MAKE IT I recommend using AT LEAST 12 oz. of liquid (either water, juice, unsweetened almond milk or a combo (i.e. 1/2 water, 1/2 juice) and BLENDING WELL WITH ICE. You can also add anything else you’d like (i.e. PB2 or peanut butter, banana, berries, etc.).  Need a blender? I highly recommend this NINJA BLENDER. It’s inexpensive and perfect for shakes at home or on the go. It takes me about 2 minute to make and with zero clean up!

RECIPES How you MAKE Shakeology, makes all the difference! I highly recommend blending it with ice and using at least 12 oz of liquid. I also blend it for 2 minutes because i like everything the smoothie creamy texture.  You can find many recipes on this website or you can CLICK HERE for more Shakeology recipes for every flavor!

WHAT TO EXPECT Our online accountability groups are my absolute FAVORITE part! These private groups are not only FUN, but here to help keep you accountable, give you daily support, motivation, as well as tips, recipes and more. If you are not yet in a group, reach out to be added ASAP! This is a place where you can ask questions (make sure to tag your coach), vent, seek advice, share your journey, your struggles and your successes (big or small).  The groups are private and only the members of the group can see what’s posted.  

HOW IT WORKS We are going to post our daily accountability pic in the group along with rating how well we did with food, water, shake (Y or N) and our workout – rating them on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best).  Make sure to check in for the daily post, participate, and engage. And lastly, DO YOUR BEST and HAVE FUN! No one in this group is perfect, we are all just trying to be our best selves – one. day. at. a. time. 

TRACKING YOUR PROGRESS Make sure to take your “before” pictures, measurements and weight prior to starting DAY 1. With anything, weight can fluctuate so I’ve found the best way to track my progress is by comparing my Day 1 & Day 21 pictures side-by-side for example, rather than just focusing on weight loss. Especially if you’re like me and love to lift heavy weights, understanding that by lifting you can gaining lean muscle (which is a GOOD thing!) and as science says, muscle weighs more than fat. So at times you could see the scale go up, yet look even leaner and fitter than before!

BONUS: DEVELOPING A POSITIVE + DISCIPLINED MINDSET We are also going to commit to reading/listening to a Personal Development book daily during this group. Did you know the #1 reason why people fail is NOT because they don’t have time to workout or lack of motivation, it’s because of lack of self-discipline.  THIS will be probably the BIGGEST thing that will help everything else fall into place so you can get up, get moving, start your day with a POSITIVE MINDSET, stay focused and crush your goals with confidence. I highly recommend starting with The Miracle Morning, The Slight Edge, The Compound Effect or my newest favorite, Atomic Habits.  I also recommend audioBooks via Audible if you’re like me and don’t have time to read! I listen to them while I’m driving, folding laundry, etc. It’s been the biggest game changer!



AUTO-SHIPWhen you order a Challenge Pack or Shakeology on home direct (HD), you will now receive Shakeology or The Performance Line on Autoship every 30 days from the date you placed your order.  If you are NOT enrolled in the Discount Program and would like to get 25% off your Shakeology and other products, ask me how to sign up for free!
MODIFICATIONS/CANCELLATION If you need to modify or cancel your auto-ship order, you can do so by either calling Coach Relations at 1-800-240-0913 or logging into your account and clicking the CONTACT US button at the very bottom of the page to use the LIVE CHAT or EMAIL option.
25% DISCOUNT PROGRAM If you signed up as a coach or discount coach (aka preferred customer), you will now get a 25% DISCOUNT on everything from (Shakeology, supplements, equipment, apparel, cookbooks, fitness programs, and more). Starting Month 2, there is a 15.95 monthly membership fee (unless you submitted the military waiver form).  NOTE: You will be saving approx. $33 per month per bag of Shakeology so that alone is worth it!  
HOW TO EARN YOUR WHOLE FOOD SMOOTHIE FOR FREE!  Interested in learning how you can earn your monthly Shakeology for FREE?  When you are signed up as a coach or for the Discount Program, you are now able to earn commission. And by referring 3 people to try shakeology or a challenge pack, you can earn enough to cover YOUR shakeology and then some.  And if you want to take it even further than being a “discount coach”, you can even turn this into a full-time income and beyond. Plus, being a coach is one of the BEST ways to hold yourself accountable to your own health/fitness goals.  


TAKE YOUR “AFTER” PHOTO! Once you’ve completed your program, make sure to take your AFTER pictures, measurements and weight so you can see how far you’ve come! Then if you’d like, share them with your coach and your group! You can also submit your results to the Beachbody Challenge for a FREE SHIRT and your chance to win cash prizes starting at $500 to a grand prize of $100,000 (Yes, for REAL)!
Are you loving your new healthy & fit lifestyle? Did you get great results? Did you love the support and accountability of your challenge group and want to pay it forward and help others? The coaching opportunity is not only a great way for YOU to stay accountable to your own health & fitness goals and to help inspire OTHERS get started too, but a great way for you to earn extra income in your spare time or even a six figure income from home, free annual trips and more. Training is FREE and your coach signup is FREE. What do you have to lose?
KEEP GOING! This is probably the most important step. This is not a “diet” or a fad, it’s a LIFESTYLE.  Ask when the next fitness challenge begins so you can stay accountable!  Whether you want to continue with your program or you’re ready to start a new one, we’d love to have you continue with us! #MINDFULBABETRIBE