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Ginger water combined with exercise can help you lose weight in a natural and healthy way

Ginger water combined with exercise can help you lose weight in a natural and healthy way

  The health benefits of ginger water is know for centuries in many cultures. The underground part of the stem, known as the rhizome, is the part that is most commonly used as a spice, it is referred to as ginger root. Ginger is no […]

Kiwi Fruit and its Health Benefits

Kiwi Fruit and its Health Benefits

  This powerful antioxidant fruit has significant amounts of over 20 vital nutrients. Kiwis are low in calories but high in energy, making them a great option for people trying to lose weight. Kiwi nutrition is super heart-healthy thanks to the high levels of potassium — which […]

Solar or Geomagnetic Storms 101

Solar or Geomagnetic Storms 101




So … we have a geomagnetic storm going on right now that’s not going to end soon. That’s ok. But first, understand what does that mean for you.

What a solar storm do and how can affects us.

Geomagnetic storms temporarily disturb the Earth’s magnetosphere, as solar winds and flares interact with Earth’s electromagnetic fields. Humans are also affected because we each have a personal electromagnetic field that surrounds us – aura. Therefore, in the same way electromagnetic energy affects our planet, it can also play havoc with our own energy fields.
Although we are somewhat protected by Earth’s magnetic field, the intense, highly charged energy is believed to have a major affect on everything that exists on Earth and can greatly impact anything from emotions to electrical devices. Some people are more sensitive than others and can experience that the solar energy makes them more tired than usual, others may may feel anxious, others depressed, others nervous, as strong shifts of energy are taking place. But don’t freak out. These geomagnetic storms are happening from time to time and is ok. Learn how you can help yourself deal with all these energies/ emotions that affects you and understand the science behind it.

The largest recorded geomagnetic storm in history occurred in 1859 and is called the Carrington Event, or sometimes the 1859 Solar Superstorm. It disrupted telegraph systems throughout Europe and North America and auroras were seen in many parts of the world.

Geomagnetic storms are also intense transformational periods that can bring mind-opening awakenings and reconnect us to internal and external universal knowledge and wisdom. To ensure we resonate with this higher energy so that our vibration is raised, we can combat the effects of solar activity by resting and taking time from our busy schedules to do the following:

—> Drink plenty of filtered water (not tap water).

—> Take saltwater baths.

—> Meditate and remain aware of reoccurring thoughts and feelings.

—> Avoid caffeine and alcohol.

—> Spend time in nature.

—> Consume high-vibrational foods, such as fruit and vegetables.

—> Remind yourself that everything in the universe is made up of energy and that conscious thought and intention can instantly alter how we think and feel.

—> Breathe deeply, forgive, release, and surrender.

—> Practice kindness, compassion, acceptance, and empathy.

—> Remain aware of reoccurring thoughts and feelings.

—> When possible, temporarily disconnect from technology and anything or anyone where the energy is toxic and draining.

The frequencies emanating from the solar storm are believed to cleanse and purify our system so that we can be free from toxic emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical blockages. Therefore, many of us will become aware of issues from our past that are resurfacing in order to gain our attention—ultimately so that our open emotional wounds can be healed.
It is vital that we do not repress these memories further, as failure to tend to our energetic injuries will cause them to replay in various ways, mostly by keeping us caught in painful and turbulent relationships.

You can check the geomagnetic storms online on Russian Academy of Science website HERE

Do you feel the energy shift? How is this affecting you? For me is fatigue. I am more tired than usual these days. So that’s why I need to take care of my body much more than usual. Strengthening the immune system with natural superfoods, rest/ sleep as much as you can, do salt baths, meditation sessions and stay calm and with love and forgiveness into your soul for everyone around you.

Have a peaceful week.

Xx, Madelyn

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Meet Madelyn

Meet Madelyn

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