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Cholesterol is one of the blood tests that most of us dread getting checked at the doctor’s office because we KNOW if the results come back out of the normal range it means we most likely will be asked to make changes in our lifestyle. Many healthcare providers believe that a diagnosis of high cholesterol (high LDL and triglycerides and possibly low HDL) means we need to modify our food intake, exercise and most likely, lose weight.  The good news is that even a small amount of weight loss can improve your overall cholesterol blood levels.  It can also improve other cardiovascular risk factors such as blood pressure and heart rate.Shakeology

If you have ever known anyone to be on a statin, a cholesterol lowering medication, like 10% of adults in America are on, you know that one of the MAIN side effects is myalgia.  Myalgia is muscle pain and soreness.  It can become increasingly difficult and painful to move around, much less get exercise, as a result of this side effect of statins.   For some people, the pain causes long-lasting damage to the muscle fibers. There are other potentially harmful side effects of statins that I won’t go into for now.  Suffice to say, if I could improve my blood cholesterol levels by avoiding an expensive prescription medication that I would need to take for the rest of my life, I would most certainly give that serious consideration!  I would especially be interested if I could achieve cholesterol improvements just by drinking a delicious and nutritious shake every day, with no side effects.  For me, that would be a proverbial “no-brainer!”

The shake I am referring to is Shakeology. So, what makes Shakeology unique? All people have to do to reduce their cholesterol is lose weight, right?  In many cases, yes, losing weight is all that is needed to achieve cholesterol levels within the desired range.  But that lifestyle is easier said than done.  What if someone isn’t willing or hasn’t really made much of a lifestyle change to lose the weight?  Would Shakeology work then?  That is the question skeptics are going to ask.  I know, because I did.  If you drink Shakeology consistently but don’t lose weight, is it possible for your cholesterol levels to improve?  In a study looking into exactly that, Shakeology was clinically proven to lower cholesterol.  How many shakes can say that?

In several of customer testimonies below, there was no weight loss or lifestyle modification whatsoever – JUST daily consumption of Shakeology and their blood levels improved. These testimonies provide real-life examples that Shakeology can improve cholesterol levels without weight loss.  So impressive!

So, how does Shakeology work?  First, it helps nutritionally by giving the body what it needs in the way of vitamins and nutrients. But, that’s not even what is so unique about Shakeology.  What is unique is the super-food profile.  I believe that the 70 super foods in each scoop of Shakeology is what contributes toward improving cholesterol levels, reducing inflammation, reducing damage from free radicals, and lowering blood pressure.  Holy basil, barley and oat grass, flax, assorted berries, chia seeds, amaranth, green tea are just some of the ingredients in Shakeology that are being studied for their ability to improve cholesterol levels and improve cardiovascular health.  Improved nutrient absorption through the intestinal tract may also improve cardiovascular health.  We are learning that a healthy gut (Shakeology has a tremendous impact on the gut – drink it and see!) may improve all other parts of the body!

Some people must be on statins to maintain their cholesterol levels within the desirable range. For others, lifestyle changes, including weight loss, will provide the desired results. But, for many others, we are learning that Shakeology is a delicious and easy way to improve cholesterol levels and overall cardiovascular health.

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