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I am a WELLNESS Coach & MOMtrepreneur
that is passionate about helping other BELIEVE in their own great potential and find the courage to MAKE
THINGS HAPPEN! I have learned that in life, you cannot inspire someone to truly take action and CHANGE with
words alone. You have to FIRST be willing to TAKE ACTION yourself and reach outside your comfort zone or prove
them that it can be done! Because of this, I decided to walk the talk and strive to be in
a constant state of growth via personal development and new challenges. I value my time with my family and
I would love to help you create the freedom you desire for your family as well.



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Who is the new Madelyn
Jewell? asked me someone, someday 🙂.

From Lawyer Life
to Wellness Coach

I am a mom of two
wonderful boys {Anthony of 8 years young and Alex of 12 months young} a wife and a dreamer. I was born and lived
for the first 30 years of my life in Romania/Europe where I was working as a Legal Advisor in a multinational company. 
8 years ago I immigrate to Canada and I continued to work in the legal field as a Paralegal until my second baby
was born. My entire life I was a lean person with clean eating habits and with a positive attitude. But
my second pregnancy was about to change that. In my 3rd trimester I developed
high blood pressure and I had to go twice/week at the hospital for regular checking. I had mood swings because
of the pregnancy hormones and the stress, I gained 55 pounds and moving around wasn’t fun. I could not sleep
at nights and I was really tired — as a general note, my life wasn’t the easiest, for sure. After I gave birth
to baby Alex, I knew I have to do something to get back at life the girl I used to be, especially when I started
to fall into post-partum depression and had lots of anxiety moments. With two kids, countless sleepless nights
and a busy life I did not have time or the energy to go to the gym. I needed something that I could do in the
comfort of my own home.  

day I saw a online add promoting some extraordinary home workouts accompanied by clean eating meal plans and
I knew that was something that I would have to try. So I decided to join an online fitness challenge group and
it turned out to be the best decision ever. After completing the first round of the chosen fitness program and
following the nutrition plan I felt SO much better! My mood improved significantly, I had lots of energy and
I just felt much happier! I instantly knew that this should be my lifestyle if I really wanted to get rid of
the depression and anxiety for good.

actually, I was so impressed by the results that I was getting that I decided not only to work on my own health
and fitness goals but to pay it forward and help others live healthier and happier as well. That’s when I started
to share with others the great benefits of these online challenge groups. It’s not about just a fitness program
and clean eating habits. Its about the whole package you are getting: online access to an amazing extended library
of workouts for all levels and types, an amazingly line of clean superfoods products that are there for you if
you want to take advantage of them, access to free meal plans, nutrition tips,  free cooking show, support,
motivation, personal development, accountability, a network full of high vibe people just like us, and ME as
your coach and biggest supporter.

am offering free coaching services for those who want to stay healthy by following a simple healthy at home routine.
The only thing you have to purchase is your own access to the workouts platform as I bought mine but that is
really affordable so you don’t have to stretch your budget. I am running each month a 30 days online fitness
challenge group that offers motivation, support, accountability and healthy tips for a fullfiling and happy life.
I believe in a holistic approach and I always address the body, mind and soul as a whole.

you want to start exercising and have a fit body mind soul with our accountability group, either you want to
make the online coaching opportunity your aside business, know that I am here for you to help you make your dreams
come true.

So don’t be shy
and reach out and I will plug you in to our amazing online community of high vibe people.
With Love, Madelyn.



 “A go getter. A dreamer.
A person who lives to help others in most genuine ways with all her heart.” Andreea


“Madelyn is such
a motivating and inspiring coach. She is always helpful, listening, positive and upbeat. It has been my ultimate
pleasure to have such a kind, devoted, amazing coach. If you are looking to make some healthy changes in your life
or to start a health and wellness business of your own I would highly recommend Madelyn as a health and wellness
coach. Best choice I’ve made all year.”



“I met Madelyn 7 years ago when
I lived in Vancouver and we shortly became very good friends. The minute I met her, it was like I knew her my
whole life. Madelyn is easy to talk to, open minded and she can always be counted on to listen and provide support
when needed. Even though I moved to another province she is still always there for me and each time we visit
each other she surrounds me with a with a great deal of optimism and positivity. After joining her team last
year she also became my coach and inspired me to start a healthier life style. I have been very impressed by
her passion to help me and others, encouraging and motivating whenever needed. It’s because of her that I have
decided to start exercising as she was guiding me and doing some workout sessions along with me. I personally
believe that ‘people come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime’, I’ve known for a long time that
Madelyn is a lifetime friend.” Ioana Roxana


“I have known Madelyn for over
5 years. She is a great friend and a lovely person who’s focus is on helping others achieve their health and
fitness goals. She has not only a great and fun personality but also a caring heart always there to help. I wish
you all the luck in the world my dear friend! May all your dreams come true! ” Ami


“How do you call someone who exudes
positivity, energy, commitment and intentional determination for healthiest of options in all areas of life?
You call her Madelyn Jewell. Yes, Madelyn! You need an uplifting chat.. she is there! You need a supportive shoulder..
she is there! You need somone to drive over the town and rescue you.. she is there! You need a reality check
.. she will be there! Always available, always smiling and with your best intentions at heart! This is all you
get and so much more as you allow her to guide you through the motions of a healthier version of you! Give yourself
a treat of health, a treat of coaching and a treat of shakeology with Madelyn!

Thank you Madelyn!” Sanda