Our Quantum Biofeedback Experience




BIOFEEDBACK is a type of therapy that uses sensors attached to your body to measure key body functions.

Biofeedback is intended to help you learn more about how your body works. This information may help you to develop better control over certain body functions and address health concerns.

Among other tests, you can see at what foods are you allergic at or which ones are in harmony with your body.

Biofeedback is built on the concept of “mind over matter.” The idea is that, with proper techniques, you can change your health by being mindful of how your body responds to stressors and other stimuli.




Everyone has an intensely sensitive network of electrical channels moving along the body’s surface. Every human has these channels. Biofeedback is the information collected from an individual’s overall electrical activity. This information is used to create a profile analysis that is unique to every person. The included data allows users to understand the inner workings of their bodies as well as the way psycho-psychological phenomena are involved in the overall concept of well-being.

The internal communications of the body via synaptic nerve connections influence and determine the physical and mental states of an individual. Using today’s technology, biofeedback science can help in understanding our physical bodies as well as assist us in achieving a state of happiness and balance.






Visually understanding the metaphysical state of the body can add to the healing experience and efficiency of treatments. The imaging systems transforms an individual’s aura into a print or digital reading based on human energy. This can be extremely effective for validating aura data visually – specifically, chakra and aura changes for those who aren’t able to visually see energy channels.

SCIO (INDIGO) is a health device that works via computer. It was designed as a biofeedback system. The concept behind the machine is that the cells in our bodies operate at certain frequencies and that they network together to keep our bodies in harmony. We actively interact with frequencies all the time. For example sound and colour have frequencies and we experience changes in our moods, emotions and in our physical body as different frequencies push against us. Viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites all have resonant frequencies.

It is an advanced technology that scans your body like a virus-scan on a computer.

Technology takes out the guess work. During the test over 12000 frequencies challenge the body and these can be simplified into different categories. These include food extracts, allergens, toxins, virus, bacteria, disease, parasites, worms, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes, hormones, emotions, biorythyms, spiritual energies, diseases, organs, homeopathics, geopathics, charkas, genetics, chromosomes, spine & musclular and so on.

Following the initial test (reactivity scan) it is possible to perform deeper individual reaction or resonance tests on any particular item for the purposes of establishing the baseline or TOXICITY OF AN ITEM.

Within this device there is an interactive setting which allows your unconscious mind to select the OPTIMUM TREATMENT for you. How awesome is that? I tell you: really awesome 😉





Last month, I went with my mom to a biofeedback appointment. After her consultation the doctors started to test which remedy is best for her. After testing different natural remedies they choose one which showed a tolerance/acceptance rate close to 80%.

 It was then, when I had an “AHA” moment. If they could test her for remedies it means they could test her for food tolerance/ intolerance as well. I knew I have in my purse a Caffe Latte Shakeology packet and I asked the doctors to test it on my mom. She was already a Shakeo drinker and she felt great but I was curios to see how her energetic body will react to this blend of natural superfoods. The result was WOW. Shakeology came back 100% positive for her body!!! I mean, I knew this drink is full of superfoods and nutrients but to see a tolerance/absorption rate of 100% was WOW. 

I was so impressed that after she finished her appointment I took a short biofeedback consultation because I wanted to test myself as well. AGAIN, the result came back 100% positive !  My energetic body was 100% in harmony with this blend of real veggies, fruits, roots and seeds and I could not be happier about it. What we felt after drinking Shakeology now we saw with our own eyes.

For me, these results are a confirmation that Shakeology can fuel our bodies with food that is in harmony with our body and this is huge.  Eating healthy is such a challenge these days. With our crazy, busy, schedules is always a good idea to have this healthy meal on hand.

Since drinking it I do not have high blood pressure anymore, no more anxiety, my energy levels are up and I do not need any other vitamins,minerals or supplements to keep up with my busy mom life.

Takeaway thought: If you fuel your car with premium gas why not fuel your body with premium food? Just saying…

Blessings & Love
Madelyn Jewell