Live the life you dreamed about


Just imagine for a second you could make all your dreams come true, achieve anything you want and succeed in all your undertakings. Wouldn’t this be absolutely amazing?

And you know what? Achieving outstanding success actually isn’t even that complicated. I am not saying it will be easy, because there will be all sorts of obstacles and challenges on your way.

But, the process itself is very simple. It takes only 5 steps to achieve extraordinary success and to make your dreams come true. All of those 5 steps are crucially important and none of them should be neglected.


1. Get a clear picture of what you want to achieve in your mind

Make sure you can see the vision of what you want to achieve crystal clear in your mind.

2. Put it on repeat

It’s not enough to think about it once and forget about it. Habits are formed with daily practice. So continue to run this movie of your future self in your mind every single day until it is materialized. The easiest way is to simply take your first 10 minutes in the morning  to visualize your vision.

3. Start to have your vision everywhere

Now that you have the clear vision in your mind, write it in words in a journal or create a vision board for you to see it every day. Be as descriptive as possible; even minute details are important. I like to have a vision board as a screen saver on my laptop where I crop out pictures from online that fit my vision, and I’ll post them so I seem them every morning when I wake up.

4. Develop the discipline to do what needs to be done and take action

Now that you have surrounded yourself with this vision, you need to take the first steps toward putting it into action. Remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint. The most successful people in the world faced many obstacles and adversity, but it was that undying belief that they could create their vision that kept them going and taking action. So convince yourself that it is not only possible, but it’s a given. That kind of self-belief will ensure that you never give up or half ass the steps you need to take to see success.

No matter how much you visualize and how well you control your thoughts, if you don’t take action, nothing will happen.

Ideally, the taking action part should happen naturally out of the love and passion for what you are doing. But, sometimes you will need to do things that are not so exciting, or you may have periods where you feel a bit less passionate and that’s when you will need some discipline to get going, to get started and to take some action.

But, this doesn’t necessarily mean forcing and pushing yourself for months and years. No, just a slight push here and there to get started. The more you practice discipline, the easier it gets.

Also, you will realize that most of the time you will need some discipline only to get started. Usually, you will get into the flow after only 10-15 minutes and from there on, taking action is easy and fun.

5.Believe in your success

If you can’t believe in your success, you won’t succeed. However, if you are starting out on a big project it is perfectly normal if you can’t fully believe in your success right from the start.

Belief usually grows over time. You learn to control your thoughts, you prepare and re-program your subconscious mind by reading and visualizing your goals every day, you have a bit of success here and there… and you start believing more and more in the materialization of your goals.

Ask yourself, what keeps you from fully believing in your goals. Mostly those are old beliefs you took on from your parents, teachers, friends… and they usually can be destroyed fairly easily.

Whatever you want to achieve, there probably has already been someone, maybe even hundreds or thousands of people who already did it. Many of them may have even done it under circumstances that were more complicated than yours.

If others can do it, you can do it as well. Read or listen some biographies and success stories and you will realize that all those hugely successful people haven’t necessarily been more talented or intelligent than the average person. They didn’t necessarily have any of those big connections, many of them don’t even have a college degree but they still succeeded.

So, grab your goal by the horns and really start to map it out and keep a constant eye on it. And finally, remember this is a game of consistency. The one that continues to chug along no matter the weather, wins. Good luck!