How to Get a discount on Shakeology




How to Get a discount on Shakeology


If you’re looking for how to “buy Shakeology cheap” then there’s a very good chance that you have heard all about it and want to know how to get the best possible deal. 


I get people asking me all the time how they can buy Shakeology at a great price and save the most money. 


After giving birth I had such low energy I was drained and lacked focus. I had heard all about Shakeology and was very interested. I then learned I could get a discount as a coach! 


While I started as a coach and quite enjoyed the discount, I ended up talking about the workouts and shakeology because they were making such a huge impact in my life. You do NOT have to do this! You can totally be a closet shakeology drinker ! I just couldn’t help myself!


If you want a shakeology discount, you can get one as a coach AND that is it!!! You don’t have to do anything else! I have a ton of “coaches” on my team that are simply Shakeology fans and want to take advantage of the 25% discount. 


For me this was no brainer, I could even send it all back after drinking the entire bag if I wasn’t satisfied and get a refund! The “smart with money” person inside of me took a big sigh of relief and I joined as a coach and got a discount on Shakeology. 


So how do you get the discount and how much is it?


-The discount for coaches is 25% off any Beachbody product but you do have to pay the $15.95us monthly coach fee starting your second month (there are no fees for active duty military or their spouse); after that your discount on Shakeology comes to $16.54us OFF, Thats ALMOST $200us A YEAR! ($390 for active duty military)


How do you become a coach? 


-you can signup for FREE with the purchase of a challenge pack (shakeology plus a workout of your choice at a discounted price) or you can pay the $39.95us Sign up Fee. 

CLICK HERE and follow the quick and easy steps on becoming a coach! Be sure to message me when you do! 

Im so EXCITED to help you find your soulmate shakeology recipe!


-Think it will be impossible to cancel? IT’S NOT! You can cancel anytime! No questions asked! No binding contracts or weird tricks !


So today, I dare you to try this and save money on your Shakeology

I promise you won’t be disappointed!



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