Briefing Shakeology



Tonight I feel that I need to brief Shakeology ! ?

As you already know, Shakeology is a 100% natural product made from real food / no chemicals or sinthetic parts added/.

It is a good product and I take it for the nutrition. It has probiotics and prebiotics. The probiotics is good bacteria adjusting your gut flora hence gassiness or cramps. The prebiotics feed the probiotics. It’s ridding the body of toxins and an overflow of bad bacteria. Our gut gets out of balance due to antibiotics, coffee, bleach in our water which all can kill good bacteria, and just toxins in our food/air adds to the gut inbalance or weight gain. It is great in helping with gut imbalance but can give you detox like symptoms. Which is not bad at all if you know that this is a normal cleanse reaction. But if you don’t, you may think that the product is not good for you. That’s why the first day you can try just half of scoop and you ease into it…it takes about one day to adjust and you could take a full drink.

It is a great product and it’s handled with great care…meaning it’s NOT overly processed to kill the nutrients. It is also backed by over 100 doctors and studied by scientists from Harvard. It is full of fruits, exotic fruits, and vegetables. It’s really a good choice of a meal replacement and I always look at its amazing healthy benefits when I am drinking it.